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Hello! We are a non-denominational, independent gospel-based church whch has been around since 1960. Started by English (British) missionaries Dennis V. Turner and his wife Phyllis who came to our community (Higashikurauchi-machi, Numata) in 1958, we firmly believe the Bible as the Word of God, and accept Jesus as our Savior.

We call our gathering `shukai` rather than `kyokai`, because the word `assembly` better describes the gathering of believers since the word ‘church’ comes from a Greek word ‘ekklesia,' which means the assembly of the called. We have a protestant background in our interpretation of the Bible. We are a friendly bunch of people of all ages. We even have an English speaking staff. So, come visit us!

 Information of our regular church services


   10:25-11:30 Morning Worship Service
   14:00-15:00 Gospel Meeting (Bible message for adults)
   14:00-15:00 Sunday School (sharing the Bible for kids)


           Sunday Bible Class (Bible study for students)

  Prayer meeting and Bible study for adults

  Information of the special evangelistic service

We are having the following services other than regular meetings in this chapel.
Home meeting
Bible Camp
Meeting for senior citizens

Meeting for ladies



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